Guys With iPhones

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January 31, 2011 - 01:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon


  • Mimi Maxine DeLa-Fuente

    i want....yum

  • Hugo

    I&aposd love to be pissed on by you too.

  • Peter.J

    Bonerific :D

  • Donald

    What ever you are about to do, like piss or whatever, let me drop to my knees!!!


    ok baby I would like to be on my knees in front of you worshiping your big dick.

  • Tyler

    A missing pinky ring doesn&apost matter. He sure makes up for it ; )

  • J

    Nice thick cock!! 24 tatted stud here.

  • jc

    Fucking hot and apparently my bf thought so too since he already commented as well. To sum it up we both would like to suck you off.

  • Rick

    I love you.


    i&aposd luv to be bent over that counter in front of u.......

  • pinky

    Is he missing a pinky finger? Who cares, he&aposs a hottie!!

  • Jason

    Nice equipment!

  • Anonymous

    Hot! Love it all. I&aposd call you daddy any day!!!!

  • Geronimo

    Muy bueno!

  • ScottyP.

    Love your beard and your furry body and bush. I so want to be licking that piss slit.

  • Jujukurby

    Woof !

  • Jim

    fuck u are hot, bend me over and pound my man hole

  • glen

    HOT cock!

  • Theron Gouzoulis

    Super cocky hairy baby!!!!!!!!!!!


    good morning, i love you :}

  • tattooedjonny

    Damn dude! Fucking hot body!

  • Amanda Wankov

    Holy Frijoles...if you&aposre not in SHOULD be! You could make a forture with that package!

  • InShockandAwe

    @gabo ... I agree .. but were you a cheerleader in your younger years? .. that double DI VI NE makes me envision you jumping around and shaking your pom-poms

  • ianwaldech

    Just incredibly hot ... like your cock and chest, who can&apost love that but i especially love your pubes and this color ... hope to see better your face ... you can send me it if you prefer ...

  • Carlos

    Veeeery hoooot!!! Would love to feel that up my ass ;)

  • flipper1

    hott!!!! would swallow it all!

  • Brian

    Damn... love your hairy chest and your cock is beautiful!! Would love to get a taste of your cock!!

  • alfaphucker

    have a feeling we got a hall of famed here :)

  • gabo

    OMG, this is a divine thing!!! DI VI NE

  • Jimmy

    woof. so fucking hot there daddy.

  • DD

    oh yes please ......would love to be on the end of that! Great wank material

  • chris

    oh fuck dude
    take aim
    on my knees for your piss + cum
    bigtocum@gmail if you&aposre in the nyc area

  • Carlos


  • Jef

    Hot! Nice hairy stomach and chest, and a very suckable cock

  • db

    Today is my birthday, can I have you?

  • Ei

    fcukin hoooot!

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