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January 31, 2011 - 07:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • jonathan_bender

    Have you ever seen the one on the left in the clubs? Ugh. The one on the right is really nice guy, but the one on the left is a major nobody. Surrounds himself with guys who are nicer and more accomplished to camouflage his short-comings.

  • Anonymous

    Derek Zoolander!!!

  • Chase

    i like eggs

  • Ian

    @Derek and Stevie, the both of you are super gorgeous, wish I could come between y&aposall (pun intended). Take it easy boys :P

  • Anthony

    @Stevie an Derek - ignore all these hatin&apos chubby chasers. You two are gorgeous! ;)

  • Derek and Stevie... can we at least PRETEND your hot brothers getting it on? ;) great picture... and Stevie.. AWESOME shirt

  • Food 4 thought

    Well if you guys are eating bacon it must be sizzle lean because I don&apost see an ounce of fat anywhere (you both are thin & the majority of the commentators thought you two were either brothers or twins) It should come as no surprise to you to that people would make this assumption and your attitude seems like you&aposre offended by this!!!!!! If you eat enough Burger King food you will get fat -that&aposs not too healthy either !!!!

  • Derek

    Yeah I am single. ;)

  • chaz

    Stevei, thanks for the clarification! here is hoping that the guy up front is single, I have lusted after him for a long time. You&aposre cute to though!

  • We're not brothers, we're definitely not twins, we've never fucked, and I eat cheeseburgers all the time (with bacon)

    Love - The guy in the back wearing the I- Bacon shirt

  • (m)i(ke)Phone

    If you can&apost find a sandwich each, one of you is going to have to eat the other.

  • Anonymous

    fucking someone who looks just like you = masturbation. could you be more full of yourself?

  • Robert

    If you guys like &aposem chubby, why comment on the normal sized ones?

  • Tyler

    The both of you are too sexy ;)

  • Guest

    To the guys who call them a "couple" - what makes you think they&aposre a couple?? They look like brothers, or they could be friends, but there is nothing here to indicate they are a couple! They could be, but I don&apost know why anyone would assume they are.

  • C.N.Dubble

    Fraternal twins??Brothers .....whatever the case, twice the fun !!!!!!!

  • chaz

    An absolutely amazing, handsome couple. Wish I was there!

  • Matthew

    Sure look like brothers. Brothers who have been lost at sea for months and have had nothing to eat.

    GO TO BURGER KING, or somewhere that serves high calorie fatty foods. PLEASE.

  • Robert

    @mark, these guys are not that thin, lighten up dude

  • Nate Berkus

    2 sexy twin bottoms damn am I dreaming?

  • steven

    They are kind of cute, but so skinny it&aposs scary.

  • Anonymous

    Twins? I&aposd do you both! In tandem!

  • ScottyP.

    The guy in the back has a nice fuzzy tummy...

  • Blake

    Ummm..twins? brothers?

  • I want to be in the middle of the manwich.

  • Anonymous

    I like the hottie on the right. I like the hair on his arms and the trail on his stomach. And did I mention I think he&aposs a hottie!

  • mark

    please eat some food!!

  • mrx


  • Amanda Wankov

    Cute couple...would luv to see you boyz makin&apos out!!

  • jake

    these two could pass for brothers, VERY close brothers nonetheless :)

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