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January 31, 2011 - 07:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • ayrtonparis

    Thanks for you support "Nuff said" ! Wanna make some goofy pics next week ... but this week my thema is different ...

    for my blog ... check in blogspot ... mylifeongwip !


    Ayrton, you have a blog? Where is it, it sounds cool! Yeah, you seem like a cool guy, feel free to send me a mail whenever!

  • ayrtonparis

    For SS . I don&apost think that i&aposm a top model or the cutest guy in the world ... i&aposm just a normal guy who do a funny blog and it&aposs the reason i post a lot of pics in the recent weeks ... it&aposs just for playing and illustrate my point that today the private life is dead ... it&aposs like an artistic point of view ...

    For Young neil ... can i have your email adress ??

  • Are you wearing the mantle of cleiton?

  • &aposNuff Said

    @ss-the same sound a snake would make !!!! Granted, he may not be a pretty boy,but he&aposs not ugly either--besides, I like his sense of humor (I kinda&apos miss the goofy notes he used to post !!!!!! :)

  • Young Neil

    Ah, what do you know Ss? You&aposre just making yourself sound gel-ish (all slimy and envious :p )

  • YoungNeil

    Cheer up ayrton, a rainy day never stays!You look like you&aposre in a bad mood for some reason...

  • Ss

    Lmao. All these boys saying you&aposre hot has gone to your head. You&aposre cute, but you&aposre nowhere near the model you think you are. Just saying. Too many postings by average looking guys gets old fast.

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