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Pauly D

From: MTV's Jersey Shore

April 14, 2011 - 12:35 AM
Pauly D on Guys with iPhones
  • Ray

    damn ....i want some of that hot body!

  • Ray

    Damn Pauly ... sexxy and hotness

  • Guest

    The should take it all off

  • Radiant

    Best hair in Media.

  • Maddened

    The hair HAS to go.

  • Noah

    I would SEX him all night. Pauly D Is so freaking HOT.

  • Derrick

    His body is hot, his face not too much. But hey, atleast he&aposs hotter than Mike "the Situation"

  • David

    finally Pauly D is back show off is amazing body. He is way hotter and has has a way better body the the but ugly "The "situation"

  • Shado

    I have to agree with Todd & The Real FireStar Seth ... &aposplastic Pauly&apos needs an image makeover in the worst way ... and we REALLY do need to find less ridiculous heros!
    *but again, his image does make a lot of us laugh!*

  • Anonymous

    really really like really

  • То flog a dead horse.

  • Charleston SC

    i hardly doubt he&aposd show his package

  • Adam

    i would like to see more. lets see whats under those pants and underwear lets see dick

  • Hornyguy

    Lets see that hot dick you&aposve been teasing us with!!

  • Dean

    i never liked jersey shore but always loved to look at your sexy self. hit me up sometime

  • Anonymous

    lets see your dick!

  • Snooky

    You are beautiful

  • aquisr

    Looks like an angry tangerine...

  • marbles

    Pauly you got a great body!

  • nigel

    show us your cock already


    love you!!!!!!!!!! : )

  • Shado

    Ya, we call him &aposPaulie Plastic&apos ... as for Jersey Shore? Well as usual, another bad social train-wreck that you just can&apost seem to look away from but REALLY want to! LMAO!

  • Jim

    pauly d can bend me over and fuck my ass anyday. he is so fucking hot

  • ERK

    I don&apost see why everyone is talking crap on his tan, i don&apost see any hint of orange. Only a sexy ass bronze tan. My only complaint is the hair he would look great with a nice haircut or buzz.

  • Jason

    I think he is attractive, in pretty good shape. Just his hair throws me off so much. Needs a more main stream haircut

  • The Real FireStar Seth

    I want him so badly!

  • j

    soo sexy pauly...much love from orlando, fl

  • niceguy

    Now, I&aposm about that situation ;)

  • fred

    soooo hoooot!
    I love you : )

  • Young Neil

    I don&apost watch your show, but nice definition. (lol, Jordan, I wanted to make a card game joke, but now it feels ruined) It&aposs great of you to try to appeal to all of your fans, even though I&aposm not one, I respect you more for trying.

  • Jzgone

    I swear that guy looks familiar.

  • Davidneo

    DJ Pauly D gets my fist pumping

  • dd

    I think you have a great body and you and Vinny are my favorites on JS. I wish you would convince him you show his dick on here. I would like to know if it is as big as Snooky claims.

  • Anonymous

    Not my style, I&aposm not into over-manscaped greasy hair guys covered in baby oil. Oh, and the Cheetos spray tan look was NEVER in.

  • Hauer

    This guy needs a haircut! Shave his head! What scares me most is how he and the others of Jersey Shore got so famous. And how "we" keep them famous. ARGH!!!

  • persephone parkman

    looks like the tanning bed has been firing up o.k.

  • Anonymous

    Pauly D is da house!

  • Jay

    I never realized how hot he was until now. I want him! :-/

  • Pauly D: I love it when you sneak in my bed at night.

  • mike

    show us that Italian sausage already!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with "SF". Sorry dude.

  • Sylar

    Does the d stand for douche?

  • RealTiger

    now THAT&aposs the Situation !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Overcooked, lacquered then shellacked - about as appetizing as a wax apple. Real men are sexy, this isn&apost.

  • Ryan

    LOL - oh these straight guys comin on here

  • Snooki

    Whip it out already Pauly!!


    I have to get back to Jersey, I think Pauly D is one hot mo-fo! Hair is cute and no matter what you can&apost deny that his body is on point. He totally does it for me. Besides, when you are in the throws of slanging or taking some good dick, are you really paying attention to someone&aposs hair...if so you or your man is not doing something right!

  • Nick#1

    I&aposm sorry Pauly D,Vinny, and Ronnie are the hottese guys on The Jersey Shore,if it was not for the man candy,the show would not be watchable for me,hopefully Playgirl will wise up and get those three to do a centerfold,it would make their magazine relevant again,instead of using gay/gay 4 pay used up porn stars trying to pass them off as regular down home straight men!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, this guy does nothing for me ...

  • Anonymous

    another nasty ass that rolls in dorito bags to get that perfect cheese color get a fucking life

  • Anonymous

    @ The Real FireStar Seth, thats because he&aposs not as hot as your BF Cleeiton?

  • M

    Show us your butt Pauly!

  • Jordan

    My favorite DragonballZ character!!

  • peter

    i just want to stroke his abs :P

  • dexxy

    Love your body but love your Cadillac tattoo even more. Please, tease us by lowering your pants more.

  • glen

    Everything about him is ridiculous!

    But he must like visiting to look @cock!!

  • SF

    No hes not my type either. But he isnt ugly.
    Just....not my type. im sure lots of guys find him hot.

  • dirtyboy

    Seth - No, you&aposre not the only one. His whole being is so contrived. It&aposs a real turn off when a guy tries that hard.

  • tzodyaq

    Agreed, Seth

  • P. R.

    I agree with, Todd.

  • The Real FireStar Seth

    am I the only one on here that does not find him attractive. His hairdo is ridiculous!

  • Jerseyboy

    take them pants off Pauly!

  • jay

    cant wait for the flash. pauly d is sexi

  • ebonii411

    so sexy

  • Todd

    you need to find better heros dude, really.

  • Jshorestud

    ^ hottest guy around. Love u Paully D!!

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