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April 30, 2011 - 05:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Eddy

    I want soo bad in my mouth

  • Guest

    Oh, to be his bottom. <3

  • johnnybbad

    Wow, so so nice. im sure you make some lucky bottom happy :-) take care mate

  • Jackie

    @Erik hi :) will you ever show a picture of your face :) .please. I think your a real cutie,nice,kind guy also, do you often get compliments about being nice often. Is it bad that I wanna hug/hold you and never let go. :)

    P.S.- Unlike some people who commented here your pictures are real. You are a nice guy and I think you have no reason to photoshop a hot sexy bod such as yours.

  • oloss82

    hi erik
    how many cm are you??

  • Very useful message

  • Chico mcdaniel

    Damn nice

  • davidt

    Has this still been Erik&aposs last post so far? I keep expecting there&aposd be new ones...hoping he posts again. Apart from the cock, he has a very nice body built, which looks totally awesome... :-)

  • daver

    People relax....some men have a big dick. I have seen a few up close. Personally I am all for doing away with posts as there is no reason to post something negative. Why are you wasting time to say something bad or hurtful? Click to the next picyure if you don&apost like what is there. Stay strong, Erik! You sound like a cool dude.

  • brad

    Ur sooo in love with u shoot big load!

  • Erik

    @Instigator - I am in a relationship and she knows nothing about this site or making money with my exposition. it's not a decision I can make on my own. I have to do a lot of things here before doing something like that. ;)

    @Renato - qualquer dia cara! você é de maceió certo?

    @T - sometimes I prefer to not use undies at all, but only when alone in home.

    @uncommon - Thanks for the words my dear! Yes, I like my body natural. The only intervention is the scar I have there! hehe In the school only a few close friends knew about that, but things began to change during college. There, we commit a lot of nonsense and the next day we gather the results. People talking... They gave me - and gave it - several nicknames! hehe Well, some of my friends know and some saw it in real and others have heard about it and doubt. hehe I could tell you some good and funny stories here, but that's for another chat! hehe :)

  • Instigator

    Erik you could easily get good work on gay adult websites, even for if just for solo jack-off scenes. I&aposm sure some sites would even let you remain anonymous. So, why not give it a shot and contact some studios?

  • uncommon

    When you were going into puberty, at the time this rather extraordinary change in your physical prowess was taking place, what was the reaction of guys in the shower after gym class, if your schooling had such things? This amazing information would have gotten around everywhere I would think. Were you aware of anything like that? Although many of us think we would love to have such an endowment, we might not be
    so enthusiastic about it if there was out-and-out staring and pointing. I guess. Given how I&aposm put together, I NEVER had to worry about that! I would have had to worry about what would happen when I saw you and my instant erection started.

  • uncommon

    Erik: one extremely tiny, teeny, weeny bit of criticism [even THAT word is too harsh]: just a little more pubic hair would set that magnificent organ off perfectly. It hardly needs it, but just a thought. Your remarks are the best part of your posts. There are lots of sites for "huge dicks" out there, but none with intelligent and considerate commentary. Also appreciate your wonderful, natural body--not gymnned to death, just perfect. PLEASE: a final request: no tats, no piercings. Michaelangelo&aposs "David" doesn&apost have any, and neither should you! I think that&aposs a pretty good comparison, both masterpieces. You&aposre enjoying this. that&aposs good! Keep it up! [so to speak]

  • T

    Hi Erik! You wear speedos at all? That&aposd make a hot pic... to see you hard cock tucked in

  • Renato

    Olá Erik! Gostei muito de você. Gostaria que você entrasse em contado comigo!

  • Erik

    @raccoon26 - i'm from brasil, but part of my family is from portugal.

    @Sunshine - a lot!

    @Aussie Guy - hi Mick, i do appreciate the comments on the pics. we never know what's comming next, so, we must be ready for everything! hehe i'm not sure, but i believe we are the only 2 guys on here that give them feedback. this is very nice. more guys should do the same! :) i saw some of your pics. they are great (i wish my body was just a little bit similar to yours!) hehe about face pictures, i have some issues with it. if someone recognizes me it'd be my end! hehe in general, brazilian people are not so open-minded - specially here where i am now. they'd never understand my view of doing this kind of thing. and yes, this site rocks! cheers my friend!

  • Anonymous

    Ow i wanna see u n your big toy on cam, add me on msn

  • Aussie Guy

    Hey Erik, hope you&aposre well? Saco noted your reference to me. I agree with you, sure I don&apost mind a few comments on my pics but I enjoy reading comments and checking out the pics that get alot of attention. A great thing about gwip is that a few nasty comments aside, most are complimentary positive depending on the pic. Discrimination is minimal, everyone can read anyones comments unlike m-hunt, gdar, grindr etc and it&aposs pretty light hearted. Each to their own, for instance I&aposve never done a face and completely naked pic. Not my thing. But no issue showing my face separately. Your pics are hot and you have one of if not the greatest followings on here. Keep at it Mr. Time to be a little more adventurous!:-)

    This site rocks!

    Cheers Mick aka Aussie Guy.

  • Chartrain

    Seriously dude that is one beautiful penis!
    If you&aposre near Hollywood or in Los Angeles I would love to see that in person!

  • Erik: How often do you masturbate?

  • raccoon26

    @Erik hi! ;) are you from Brazil or Portugal?

  • Erik

    @ salsa - Thank you for the words. That thing you said about shade/color is true, but, I don&apost know how, hehe a guy found pixel smears on the base. I think he is talking about the skin of my scrotum. In that moment the skin of the scrotum was tensioned down. I believe the distrust is around this detail. If it&aposs not that, then I also do not know! hehe I came to it because 2 other guys said something about it. The first one said "Look where its attached to the body. Where are the balls???" and the second one "Dude you must have some tiny-ass balls! I guess you forgot to Photoshop them in....I&aposm sure you would have made them as big as grapefruits!" hehe I have to say that I cackle a lot with this one! hehe Well, he and the rest were not very aware to details, I think...

    @Adam - The truth is that I don&apost promote my penis as a big deal. It calls attention, is true... Actually, I don&apost wanna pass the wrong impression. Otherwise, people would say I&aposm full of myself... I am not like this, but on the other hand, I can&apost be hypocrite. You&aposre right, it&aposs big by the overall standard ;)

    @Jon - Actually, I said how tall I am before. I don&apost remember which post. I am 184 / 185cm or so. About my measures, it&aposs beyond the average. I don&apost say it here because it varies a lot and a number I say here would be an absolut number.

    @ebay, Saco - Thank you so much my friends! :)

    @Cadillac - hehe You may be right, but whatever the reasons, I was once again surprised by the reaction of our colleagues. I have mixed feelings about that, but now I think I understand it a little. ;) hehe

    @Battoys - Yes, I try to find the best one and not repeat myself, but it&aposs not easy at all. hehe Sometimes you say "Finally I found the perfect angle!" and latter you see the resullts is not always good! hehe

    @Fab - Parece interessante. Você é jornalista? hehe Bom, passei duas semanas e meia aí no Rio (tive sorte: sol todos os dias!). Agora, não tenho previsão de voltar tão cedo. Gostaria muito, pois esta cidade é tudo de bom!

    @Renatinho - Valeu pelo convite cara! Abraço!!

    @Tom - hahaha Cool, it&aposs nice to show. You feel confident about this aspect. And it&aposs nice to see. I myself spent some time just apreciating it&aposs shape, it&aposs appearance and details... But don&apost forget that it has a perverse side. hehe People smiling as they have sex only happen in movies, for instance! hehe Anyway, every morning I wake up and see me on the mirror. Suddenly a smile comes across my face. :)

  • salsa

    I believe it&aposs real. I&aposve seen the other pics and if anythink, his balls will sometimes look a slightly different shade compared to the rest of him. I notice this about my balls too; different shade to my legs, my groin and my penis. If I were to take a pic of myself people would probably say I&aposd photoshopped the dick and balls on.

    Go and have a look at your own balls. Chances are, I&aposm right!

    STAY ERIK!!!! Don&apost let doubting-Thomases destroy your self-esteem. Dolly Parton says, "The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." Let my message be the rainbow after all the negative rain!


  • Jon

    He won&apost say how big it is, he wont measure it or say how tall he is????? why not tell and show everybody what we want to know............

  • Ben Spavish

    woah sick dude..what app is that

  • Adam

    lol, Erik says "It&aposs not that big." If this isn&apost that big, I&aposd hate to imagine what constitutes "big" by that standard.

  • Erik

    @Pauly - i won't ask you to believe in me. you say it's fake for sure, but it's just me and there's nothing i can do to change it. i'm sorry if i look so fake to you... about the balls, it's there and still here! hehe just "Look where its attached to the body". my hand is pushing it down to the shorts, but if you are not "a legally blind person" you will find them fast. why not post yourself here you "BIG DICKED ITALIAN"?

    @nanook - when i say that size is not everything and will never be i mean, you can get all the money in the world, but is it enough? it helps a lot, but will never be everything.

    @Kelso/Art - it's all about acceptance. i don't care if they are men or not, probably they are. however, still not important. not common, but i sometimes take a look at the other posts. not necessarily to see other guys naked. for exemple, there's a guy called Aussie guy (sorry if it's wrong) that posts often and answers some comments. that's what i find interesting in his posts. ok. it's not easy to explain how it's to come here and show your body for a lot of unknown and different people. the reason to be here is not so simple. as i said before, it's all about acceptance. a "fake" cock like this is not a perfect dream. here i could see it's just me. because of it, people start to labeled me. here, i found the acceptation i was looking for. here even porn celebrities are just a regular guy like me or you. i used to feel good posting here but things start to change a little. now that old movie started to play again. the only change is the adjective used here: "photoshopped" and "fake". i can take it, but don't know if i want it. today if this site was a horror circus, i'd be the main attraction!! hehe hope i made myself clear. it's not easy to express yourself in a different language! hehe

    Not falling for it - bad or good, the comments are always welcome. look, i don't wanna be a star or act as a porn star, i don't want to feature at guinness world records as the most commented or the biggest penis on gwip ever. if i was looking for it, my face would be in all my photos.

    @jcreole - "Everybody wants to use photoshop" but me. are you one of them? and believe me, in a site like this they are the exception ;)

    @just asking - it's easier to me to find old posts. :P read T's answer. it's great.

    @Guido - i'm a master of photoshop - the best here. how is it possible to forget such thing?! don't worry, next i'll post a super sized ball picture just for your delight! :P

    thanks again!

  • Gorilla Juice Head

    oh hawt damn! do you got a fb?

  • Fab

    @Erik, eu PRECISO te encontrar! Quando você vem no Rio? Tenho muita curiosidade em te entrevistar, saber como é sua vida com algo tão grande, o assédio, quem aguenta, quem foge... e é claro, se você quiser, me candidatar a aguentar!!

  • Battoys

    angles are everything just a magical girth.

  • Realist

    Hey all you guys who think this is real....SUCKERS!!

  • ebay

    Thanks Erik for not letting us down! I am your fan and I always stand by your word and believe you! All H8rs are just jealous of how big you are.

  • Guido

    Dude you must have some tiny-ass balls! I guess you forgot to Photoshop them in....I&aposm sure you would have made them as big as grapefruits! Lol

  • Maslin

    Thanks for the accessory pics, Erik!

    Whether touched-up or natural, you have a FINE-LOOKING BODY, dude! If you ever post your face on here, clothed or not, I hope to Hell I get the chance to see it! Hot is Hot, and I completely understand necessary discretion, but.. a complete image- RULES in my book!

    Thanks for the smorgasbord! ;)

  • Cadillac

    @ Pauly - Lol...touche!! :-D

  • Art

    @Erik: I don&apost think I get it. If you&aposre not gay/bi, how can you be comfortable with all these gay men gawking at you like this?

  • Pauly

    @ Cadillac only a legally blind person couldn&apost see it is Photshopped. Look where its attached to the body. Where are the balls??? (Oh and BTW, I am a BIG DICKED ITALIAN)!!!

  • Renatinho

    @Erik Querido, vc de novo é bem gostoso!! Rsrsrs quando vc vem para Maceio e quer passar um bom momento, me avise. Beijos na malha. ;0))

  • Cadillac

    It&aposs funny- only little-dicked motherfuckers cry about photoshop cuz in reality if you&aposre packing--or at least happy with what you&aposve got--you don&apost give a fuck. Of course, naturally they&aposre also the first to "spot a fake" since they&aposre also the ones lying their asses off about their own on Manhunt/DudesNude/etc.

  • Jay

    I find it hilarious that so many of you say he&aposs "hot" when ALL you&aposve seen is a picture of his penis.

    To me, "hot" is a lot more than a big cock, but that&aposs just me I guess.

  • Tom

    God Has BLESSED you!!!
    WOW I would wake up every morning smiling if that was my cock!!

  • Saco

    Erik, don&apost care about these haters pulling out photoshop here and there. I think I already know by heart every detail of your body that I feel confident to say that this pic is OK. Thank you so much for posting again.


    Photo shop or not, I would be happy to give it up to you.

  • scottie

    theres not a part of you that looks fake to me erik and not a part that i wouldnt want to taste touch or be doing something with. keep posting!

  • T

    @just asking i actually find it very useful that he&aposs posting the links lol, he&aposs so fucking hot i don&apost want to miss any pic he posts lol, if it wasn&apost for the links i wouldn&apost have noticed the pic he posted before this :P
    keep posting erik!

  • The Last Word

    I would worship every inch of that hot cock!

  • niceguy

    Wow that looks fake

  • jap guy

    I am your biggest fan, Erik!!! i would like to see your ass next time please!!

  • likestolook

    Erik- shut up and look at that Hot cock!! God Damn!!

  • Anonymous

    should of stay with your original post. I believed that one to be real. Now I now different.. very bad photo shop... I just wonder why people feel the need to do so.

  • Anonymous

    a. yes it is "that big"
    b. it&aposs wonderful
    c. i love your fuzzy ass in the other pics...

    you have an amazing body and an amazing dick... thanks for posting E!

  • Randy

    Erik, please tell us how tall you are. Would also like to know how long and thick you cock is in cm or inches.
    I want to add my compliments to you as well. I find you beautiful. Wish you would show a face shot sometime.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Not falling for it

    @Erik, your other pics look real...this one doesn&apost. It&aposs fake for sure! I guess it&aposs all about how many comments you can get.

  • just asking

    @Erik - why do you always self promote past pics? its a turn-off for me.

  • Alpha

    He lives in Orlando, Fl and I have seen that cock in person--it is very nice

  • Biff

    This looks too good to be true. That thing is as big around as your forearm. You&aposd better post more till I&aposm sure that cock is real.

  • jcreole

    Everybody wants to use Keeping working at it!!! Cool pic anyway...

  • Anonymous

    I love it when you post!!! I would go to Brasil just to see it in person. Are you bi-curious?

  • Clark

    Thanks for posting another beautiful pic of your wonderfully large, enormous and beautiful cock, Erik! Simply exquisite and I would love to experience it in the flesh one day!

  • Kelso

    You&aposre bi, huh?

  • nanook

    "You know, size is not everything and will never be, right?": hell yeah, that&aposs easy for you to say, Erik ! It&aposs like someone goodlooking telling someone who&aposs not as, looks aren&apost everything!

  • Gabriel

    Hello from costa rica lovely penis man!


    Can I like the crown til you scream?

  • Pauly

    @Erik, please keep your day job as this photoshop job is not up to par with your others.

  • bostonseal

    Thank you again Erik! I will dream of sitting on your beautiful cock tonight!

  • R

    We the people demand to know the full size and girth of that master piece.
    In addition, we demand a comparison pic, hold it against to something, like a pringles can or a shaving cream so we can drool even more!
    Comon&apos man, you owe this to your fans.. ;-)

  • Erik

    Hey guys, if you analyse for a second you'll see that i'm not that big! As someone said before, it's all about proportion. Ah, I don't know how people find adulterated things here when the only thing I know very well on photo shop (and used with frequency, including this on this picture) is the "auto contrast/color"! This tool is perfect to correct light distortions, it's easy to use and take you only 10 seconds! :) But it's ok because I've been listening to it since the very first publication here. ;) Said that, what's the point to come here and post something that is not the real you when the best thing here is to read the comments on you? ;) You know, size is not everything and will never be, right?

    One last thing, these are the pictures previously posted:

    Espero que gostem, thanks, valeu!!

    Abraço pessoal!

  • Donald

    Erik come to Dallas Texas and have your way with me!!

  • having fun

    Sorry I misspelled your name Erik.

  • having fun

    Eric still impressing us!!!!

  • 2012

    You&aposre hot! Would love to ride that!

  • Nickolaus

    Damn that thing looks delicious ;)

  • rafaelo


  • bigjock

    Thats Erik it's not shopped just look here and look for some of his others.

  • Rick

    It&aposs not photoshopped, he&aposs posted on here before with face pics.

    it&aposs beautiful!

  • Brian

    Damn that&aposs a fucking hot cock... even if it is photo shopped!

  • doug

    here's the original cock.

  • Babu

    Que delicia, vc eh um tesao, isso que eh um cabra macho! se um dia vc vier pra FL, me amise

  • Anonymous

    THAT IS SO PHOTO SHOPPED. Look at the base, there are pixel smears. nice try...

  • Anonymous

    Pretty fucken sexy but sadly it&aposs fake

  • oh my....!

  • DD

    Fuck me and then fuck me again. You could get five of us around that!

  • sexguy_BR

    So hot... fuck me, please!

  • Errr Ummm that&aposs so fake.

  • ant

    You are great with photoshop


    Ö - That&aposs me on my knees for you..

  • jake

    Wow! If that&aposs real.. that&aposs scary. I hope you are a bottom because finding a mate to take that thing has gotta be a tough task.

  • MatteCII

    DAMN!! Can I play with it? Very Nice!

  • Glasgow1975

    looks shopped to me. . .

  • E

    need more practice with photoshop

  • TJ

    Omg I wish you were here :D

  • charles

    damn that looks dangerous!

  • Cumshot on face

    Lol soooo fakkeeee!!! Hahaha

  • Anonymous

    nice photoshop

  • Rafinha

    Brazilian boy!!! Nossa vc eh brasileiro, hum... Delicia vc!! Perfeito!! Gostoso!! Isso que eh homem.. Se vier pro Sul da manda msg. Rsrs

  • charles

    damn that looks dangerous!

  • Anonymous

    WOW!! Is that real???? Congrats, whoever you are. Now, I must go pick my jaw up from the floor.

  • doug

    pho-to-shop. clearly.

  • blahblah

    Holy crap!

  • justin

    so fucking hot,so XXX big

  • wyatt

    OMGGGGGGG.......where do you on that shit.....damn hotttt

  • Holy Cock! Thats like the size of my forearm!


    Erik!!!!!! Love your pics man.....

  • Jeremy

    fuck that thing is amazing. do me now.

  • Jeremiah

    Are you kidding? How do you walk let alone have sex? This think is museum-worthy.

  • enrigayboy

    Holy mother of gaga!

  • NRG

    Now that&aposs a cock!

  • SA

    Dont care if its photshopped or not, still really fucking hot

  • kevin

    I&aposm assuming fake?

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