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June 30, 2011 - 04:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Anthony C. Bowman

    YUMMY and I want to see more of you man!

    E-mail me at:

  • Guy

    I don&apost get it. He&aposs not that hot and no cock showing. Why all the comments?

  • Muñoz

    I love your hands, Soo maculine ... I wish you could give me a hand job

  • Diego

    Hot man! Love to see you in a jockstrap.

  • Carl

    we only want you on underwear

  • AOchoa

    Show off your legs! I bet you have thick ones

  • Poncho

    I wonder how big is dick-

  • Swift

    HOT! Would love to see you without your pants! Looks like you&aposre packing under there!

  • fez

    wow....natural, handsome, masculine, sexy, yoy make my day... Wished you could smile a bit

  • Farhad

    He is hot as hell, But I thought he was gonna show us more.

  • Geronimo

    Lindo! Tierno! Adorable!

  • Tessa

    Will you marry me? /inlove

  • Pedro

    Hot Damn! Definite BF material...

  • Claiton

    My fav. guy! Really handsome! Although I wanted to see more :/

  • Joe

    Can I suck on your nipples and give you a hand job at the same time

  • someguy

    Your absolutley gorgeous! Omg i have thing for hunky cute guys in hats:) and man yu gave me a boner!!!:) marry me?:)

  • Ewer

    sexy as fuck!!!!!

  • Hanid

    Booo.. I was expecting more skin. :C

  • Jesse

    sexy, Show your ass, I bet is delicious

  • Marc

    I wanna see your dick,

  • Graham

    Ohh come on man, I thought you were gonna show more, Blah!

  • Pp

    Oh my Godm thanks for posting

  • Roxet

    Damn your hot... Loose the underwear!!!!

  • Brian

    Good looking man with a great body.

  • Yomismo

    Estás para comerte!!!!!

  • LA H

    its sad, we were expecting more skin. Boo

  • Vidal

    Ohhh... I wish you could be here...

  • Lee

    WOW, soooooo sexy!!!!

  • dG TEW

    Disappointed, I think we got to see more on the first picture of you, GRnac gran rnnn :(

  • Paul

    If you want a holiday down under just contact me very very nice

  • Dan

    I could spend all day in this guy . although I really thought you were gonna show more :(

  • Martein

    Yum! Love the fuzzy stomach! Lower the underwear? Por favor?

  • R.

    very sexy. Too bad you didn&apost show more.

  • James

    Very nice

  • pablo

    show your beef!

  • Ryan

    You are back!! yeah, wanna see your dick!!

  • Andrew

    Fcking hot!! you show your ass , please!!

  • Darrel

    Amazing, wish we could see more skin, perhaps your legs.

  • Lexter

    Ohh come one, we want to see more, you are hot man, show us more!

  • Roger

    The man is back! I wanna see your ass

  • Reg

    Fuck yeah! you are back, deliciousness!
    please show us more, we wanna see you naked! ;P

  • Terry

    GOd you are gorgeous!

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