Guys With iPhones

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June 30, 2011 - 07:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • al

    LOL @ &apostripod&apos

  • Dick Skinner


  • Lucas

    Just perfect: perfect cock, perfect body, perfect smile...MAAAN You&aposve got it goin&apos on!

  • Xxxx

    Cum my ass

  • eagander

    Triple blessing: very glk, nice trim bod, and a hot hung cock (and I LOVE uncut)!! I&aposm officially jealous.

  • David

    I know you Joe, yummy.

  • Sibb

    Super hot show more sibb760@yahoo

  • Chris

    Wow, that&aposs what I call a PERFECT cock dude, perfect cock, perfect body & perfect face... well you&aposre perfect :)

  • Henrik

    Looking good!

  • Jim

    fuck me all night long, i want ur cock inside me til u cum

  • Anthony

    oh wow! totally hot!


    Wow man! Either keep posting more please send me some more

  • Brandon

    Wow your so fucking hott :) message me same for facebook would love to talk :)

  • Ethan

    Very hott. Turn around and show that white tan beautiful ass. Bend over.

  • leroi

    whatever you do: don&apost sit down. You might hurt yourself

  • David

    Hot Damn! Wow!!!! I&aposm a impressed gay man! my email address is anyone is free to hit me up

  • gary

    ok. here we have the perfect example of a man that hit the jackpot in the gene pool. deayum.

  • j


  • Anonymous

    Holy cow...perfect

  • RealTiger

    you give that thing "Miracle Grow" ??

  • JP

    Wow, dude.
    Guys like you are a godsend.
    So cute and yummy.
    Please keep posting.

  • Ted


  • Kenzilla777

    Awesome can I please have some

  • twifan

    oh wow

  • Baz

    Nice tight body. Nice smile. Nice big cock! I&aposm sure you&aposre popular in the locker room.

  • Jon

    wow now thats a total package !

  • Red_Light

    You are gorgeous. Thanks for swinging that weapon around uncovered.

  • Anonymous

    Love the unshaved uncut cock! Do with me what you want!

  • JD

    Wow hit me with it now

  • Eric

    I want!


    Man you are Hotttt. I love your big uncut cock.

  • Brian

    OMG you have a nice cock and your very cute as well!! Love skinny guys with big long cocks!!

  • Ryo

    You are COOL!!!

  • PDX-B

    wow dude... amazing! handsome, sexy, beautiful!

  • Darren

    Fucking perfect!!!


    Damn! Let me skin that back for you

  • ff

    Damn! Hnadsome man, big dick. Perfect

  • Nick

    Tripod :)

  • RC

    Hot damn!

  • Anthony

    10 out of 10, perfect in every way, especially your very sexy and cute face

  • David:

    wow...long and sexy =)

  • c.o.c.k.

    Too good to be true!

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    Fuck man you got a fucking hot cock my man!

    e-mail me at:

  • Brad

    damn now that is a big cock

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