Guys With iPhones

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June 30, 2011 - 03:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • *sigh*, people

    The reaction here is astounding. It&aposs a uniform like any other ffs. Nothing creepy about it at all. He&aposs cute too, appreciate that if you don&apost like the fact that hes at the hospital and in a surgical gown.

  • eastside boy

    cute smile

  • Duke

    I really do not want to know!!

  • Why is everyone one like ew this guy and pic are creepy. I&aposm sorry but I think it&aposs so hot, I&aposm actually turned on, come play and examine my cock doc ;)

  • Bobby

    @Anonymous; ?

  • Anonymous

    All y&aposall are just mean! he works at a Hospital, big deal! You guys have ask him to wear a different outfit and change the scenery in his pics and obliged.

  • matt

    @Bad Dog - or at least a couple of cases of Drumsticks and Klondike bars for sure. LMAO

  • Matt

    OK even creepier than the other bazahgillion pictures you&aposve posted.

  • Dildo

    not all.

  • Bad Dog

    I Goddamn guarantee you that this dude has got body parts in a frig at home.

  • Too Slow

    i was totally gonna say "Dexter" but i guess someone already beat me to the punch....i thought i was gonna be original when i would make a "Dexter" reference, but I guess I&aposm not all that original after all.....

  • Josephfied

    Dr. Giggles? :-*

  • Josephfied

    Calling Dr. Joseph...

  • leroi

    this just goes to show ya: You NEVER know!

  • Is this from that new Smurfs movie? I didn&apost know it was supposed to be scary?

  • Cousin Bleh

    Um, not to point out the obvious, but that iPhone just contaminated your gloves. We all know where it&aposs been.

  • Bobby

    I&aposm not one who easily scares, but this photo made me shit my pants.

  • FreddyK

    Creepiest GWIP photo ever. It&aposs like Dexter&aposs kill den

  • Anonymous

    do not cut me please

  • iDick

    omg this is so disturbing!

  • MB

    Ok, now you are freaking me out.

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