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July 31, 2011 - 08:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • SoCal Rules

    Sexy cock and a hot load!

  • xychad

    Fucking hott!!! LOVE IT @xychad

  • shane

    not cute at all

  • Darren

    Very nice... and worth the wait... Hope you post more! Thanks!!!

  • David:

    what an awesome surprise that uncut dick it soft! show it soft! =D

  • John

    OMG I got an instant hard on! You are so sexy! I would suck you dry!

  • mike

    Stop shaving and stop eating bad shows.

  • YY

    I wish there was a cum shot category. Too bad that jizz isn&apost all over your face.

  • MrLuck

    Does anyone have links to all of this pictures? :)

  • Anthony C. Bowman

    We should chat man! contact me!

  • Anonymous

    next time that will be my load on ur chest =p

  • Two Tone Dick Lover

    freakin hot. thanks for pulling back the skin. your perfect.

  • ric

    Really like cute, young, soft, chubby guys. Thanks for adding a little jizz to your presentation.

  • cam2cambud


  • Prof.Peabody

    you know this site is so educational.Its been proven beyond doubt that its more fun to jack-off than clean mirrors.cum shots rule

  • Anonimus


  • Ry

    Now scoop it up and eat it and kiss me..


    Nice cum shot dude. I would like that up.

  • JJ

    NICE!! Wish I was able to help clean you up!

  • KC

    Nice shot. Next time aim for my mouth. :)

  • D.A.

    NICE!!! Would love to make you do that several more times!!!

  • Mike


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