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August 31, 2011 - 01:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • SoCal Rules

    Hell yes.

  • Nycovergirl718

    MMMmmmm, Baby....You canhave all this black cookie.

  • bigmamatimmy

    oh my god yes i want some

  • GLAD

    Can you please post more!! you are PERFECTION !!

  • G-unit

    not one other guy on this site is as good looking as you!! Love your SMILE. I hope you are half as nice as you look. PLEASE POST MORE PICS!! I have a HUGE crush on you!


    I keep looking, but I always come back to you!
    YOU...are the HOTTEST, MOST PERFECT guy I&aposve ever seen!!

  • A

    I see gold gym work

  • He did at least one porn that I know of.

  • handi

    YOU are the definition of the word....
    PREFECT !!!

  • hot!

  • chris

    What a thoroughly nice chap. Send me some pics for my collection if I may prevail on you.

  • handi

    you are the hottest guy on the net!!

  • Daniel

    Why asian man makes me Crazy? Wait... I&aposm Cumming..!!! ...... Ok! I&aposm ready 4 other one handjob with Ur Pic!!!

    Man, I&aposm in love with U!!!!!!

  • sexyfelix

    you&aposd be my perfect date!

  • Todd

    Never liked or been into Asian persuasion.......


    Wow dude your body is just fuckin ripped. Damn you are sexy as fuck. I would love to lick every inch of you.

  • nc_anubis

    you are perfect! love the body, love the eyes, and especially LOVE the smile. Great pic. thanks for posting.

  • jay Kay

    you&aposre better looking than peter le ! HOT body and a nice cock.. pls show us your hard cock next time.

  • SurfQuest

    @ojos, a pornstar?! Oh no, my dick just went limp.

  • Zee

    God is Good...can I get an Amen? This one really knows how to get my attention.

  • wSFO

    Lean and sexy - good work!

  • ojos

    I think me might be a pornstar. He has a tattoo exactly the same like this asian porn star that I love watching.

  • Brutherlyluv

    Gotta give props, where props are due! Looking good my man!

  • Kenzilla777

    Awesome picture u r perfect hit me up

  • mad_henna

    Yo Peter Le u better watch out! This guy is gonna give u a run for ur money shot. Stunning beauty!

  • AndreasOslo

    nice smile.....and.....well, everything else. keep posting.

  • Ed

    Yes Yes Yes werk it papito!!!!

  • Polt

    Oh HELL YEAH! Love everything.

  • nigel


  • Glenn (CA)

    I want to be at your every desire. VERY HOT!

  • David

    I see I&aposm not the only one who just fell in love...LOL!....You truly are all that my dreams are made of. Thank for posting.

  • &apos&aposNuff Said

    Great bod. great pic !!!!!!!! :)

  • Dick Ryder

    Fucking SEXY!! Total perfection!

  • Jayson510

    what a stunning man you are


    OMG! So very sexy! Thanks for posting!

  • SurfQuest

    Nudist are cool.

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre cute... beautiful body and very nice cock!!

  • enrigayboy

    Smoking hot body

  • rps

    U R beautiful !!!

  • markymark

    Dude u have it going on....u r all kinds of hotness

  • JD

    Beautiful and sexy and lovely chunky dick

  • mikal - BOS

    Charming and studly all in one. ;)

  • Cal


  • marc

    Oh man! You made my day. What a handsome, sexy guy. Thanks for posting.

  • Nicholas

    Wow! Best of the week!

  • Gavin

    soooo seksy!

  • mike

    super sexy! love the smile!

  • rondeux

    you should shot a porn my house!

  • steven

    I KNOW I&aposm in love.

  • xy

    Just amazing. Hope you&aposll post another picture of yourself rock hard and ready !

  • gary

    sheer perfection

  • jerseyboy

    Oh yes please!! I love it all!!

  • Ryan

    Very hot face, bod, cock, balls, everything!

  • marc

    Oh man, you just made my day! What beautiful everything.

  • art7

    beautiful classy non pornographic male nudity art

  • DK

    Dam ur HOT!

  • Fluffy

    Sooooooo hot, man!

  • Rich

    I think I&aposm in love ;p

  • rover

    Such a hottie

  • rover

    Such a hottie

  • aj


  • Gee Willy

    handsome man - thanks for the pic, it&aposs beautiful.

  • alfaphucker

    Man I&aposd fuck your hot muscled bubble ass seven kinds of ways and back...

    ...nothing quite as hot as an Asian muscleboy...

  • sol

    U have made my day.

  • John

    WOW nice so sexy!!

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