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October 31, 2011 - 01:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Frankenstein

    Thought it was costume lol

  • Dre

    WoW! Looks like he cums alot. Nice balls

  • b

    it looks awful... what an ugly cock...

  • mikey

    If that&aposs not photoshop, please go see a doctor!!!! Seriously, either you&aposve done something (pumping or cutting off the outgoing circulation or even injections) or you are having a case of localized swelling... but whatever... it is NOT hot, and it is dangerous. Dick pumping to help with an erection is one thing... but anything else can damage the tissue and cause nerve separation! As in, NO FEELING!

  • Red_Light

    Damn, I didn&apost know adidas made equipment that big.

  • b_k_c

    Drool! Lick! YUM!

  • WTF?????!!!!!! Is that a Tumor???!!

  • Mike

    Hello silicone! Looks REALLY bad. And no doubt, it can&apost get hard. I&aposd put money on it.

  • badnum

    That&aposs not it. He&aposs wrapping like string or whatever around the penis and balls and it makes everything larger down there. i&aposm guessing from the blood rushing down there. Not too sure. Correct me if I&aposm wrong I saw it on xtube before and it grossed me out lol. To each its own. It&aposs really pointless if you ask me. He looks like a nice guy though.

  • Andy in Dayton

    Objects in the mirror are larger than they.....wait a minute, that are that large.

  • Marco

    This guys body and face you can tell are quite nice but definitely a case where bigger is not better. I am soft looking at that cock, it&aposs too misproportioned. Sorry - if you are pumping, please stop.

  • $22020560

    I&aposm unsure what the medical consensus is on pumping but like many things that give pleasure it may not be entirely good :P

  • Anonymous

    please see a doctor!

  • Tyler

    wow it is huge

  • primebeff

    WOW!!! Show it hard please?

  • Bobby

    No guys - that&aposs real. I&aposve seen even bigger on some of my black friends. This man&aposs the real thing. And I&aposm betting that hard he&aposd just blow your minds.

  • mark

    photoshopped for sure

  • Anonymous

    Wtf is that?

  • Partyone

    What&aposs wrong with it?

  • Adam

    what a cock yummy yummy i want some

  • dat aint real

    I think its a commercial for adadis,or windex?

  • mj

    Oh my, what does it look like hard and can u get both hands around it?

  • mj

    damm that shit is fat would love to see it hard post up agen would kiss it and hmmmm

  • the poet

    You should see a doctor about that!

  • Ty


  • Damm dude make that monster hard that&aposs one of the biggest nuts i have ever seen.

  • Brian

    Damn that&aposs a fat thick uncut cock... love to see it hard!!

  • Night Crawler

    Wow! That&aposs real?! that looks.... horrible!

  • ow! dude how can u wear underwear like that with such a big package... i&aposd be in pain!

  • dreamer

    Jesus take me now! I done died n gone to heaven... that is a docker&aposs delight, to say nothing of those gorgeous choconuts... Lay it on me Babe!

  • Can I please see this again on a big hard.

  • Kelso

    its big

  • smoke2315

    damn, would like to see that thing hard!

  • Anonymous

    Dude, see a doctor soon.

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