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October 31, 2011 - 12:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • DeWayne

    Quarelle......why would you wanna see him without the metal?....I mean jeeze, that is so freaking hot! That gorgeous face, body and cock with heavy gauge stainless steele?...........yum, yum, yum.....!

  • aaron

    LOVE PAs! HMU i want to see more

  • JC

    i may not be in love, but lemme tell ya i&aposm in heat!!!!! i am yours 4 the asking!

  • Jim

    fuck me and marry me, make me urs and i will worship ur hot body and suckable cock every day for the rest of our lives. u are so damn hot, u should have a warning label. i love the PA

  • ray

    sir, yes sir! that is quite a lovely peen you&aposve got there.

  • Jeff

    i agree with anonomous. -_-

  • JC

    you make the statue David look like a bum! hot hot HOTTTT!!!!

  • hojoro

    nicest shot yet. keep &aposem coming

  • anonomous

    Yeah,we saw it.

  • Bobby

    Oh YES!! My favorite PA dude! You&aposve got a fuckin&apos gorgeous face man that I could kiss and make out with for hours. And your nips make me want to lick and suck, and your pecs make me want to gnaw like crazy. Your arms make me want to be pinned down to a mattress. Your abs make me crave feeling them flex while you&aposre thrusting into me. Your bush excites me and makes me want to run my teeth thru it and just nuzzle it while I suck on that unendingly gorgeous cock of yours. That is, before you mount me and fuck me into total bliss. You&aposre just too hot a fucker for your own good, and you drive me absolutely wild. You&aposre superb dude.

  • Partyone

    Damn! Youre hot!


    Very Nice!

  • Would love to see you without the metal. At least one photo without? Please?

  • e39 Luva

    oh so fucken HOT!

  • Cdnbob

    OMG, hello gorgeous.

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