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October 31, 2011 - 02:30 PM
Halloween on Guys with iPhones
  • pweeptr

    WHAT A HOT SEXY beefy guy! i would take you on any day! lick you from top to bottom! HOT BODY< HOT COCK and balls, i want you NOW!!! slurp!
    write me anytime beefy stud!

  • Pr nyc

    Wow....that mask is scary! Lmaooo

  • Benji_x

    Well, not everything is about penis&aposs, and i must say i would take him on a date and do naughty things to him haha :P

  • Jeff

    You look great dude

  • Playermcgrail

    Come on guys it&aposs funny!!! Made my day!!!!!

  • NineThickInches

    I can&apost believe how cruel some people can be to someone who takes a bold step like this. I would love to see those who bashed put their naked photos online for the world to see and judge.
    Develop just a touch of class and respect people.

  • Toby

    You + Me + My bed, let&aposs break it in half :]

  • Sshaft

    Thanks for the support guys. This is normal and I make no excuses.

  • e39 Luva

    you&aposre sexy hot! thanks for HAVING THE BALLS TO SHOW IT!

  • Kev

    Wow, a real guy for once!!! This is the norm, guys!!!

  • julian

    Man Id be wearing a mask too if my dick was that small

  • hmmmmmmmmm

    great costume, all the other guys will be going out with big dicks,

  • asians are the best

    Grower not a shower my ass that thing is disappearing but id love for it to appear in my ass and down my throat

  • grfuzzy

    In an instant! You&aposre hot.

  • Chiquito pero jugeton

  • InShockandAwe

    would imagine it grows into something very satisfying ... let me fluff for you

  • Bobby

    "if you can&apost say something nice . . . "

  • soccerplayer4u

    Wow, you guys are a sad bunch, post your dick and let us judge you... what a bunch of size queens... stop knocking others and have a positive outlook on life and people...this guy is perfectly normal.

  • Marco P

    This gentleman suffers from a condition called IBM. Itty Bitty Meat!!!

  • Mario

    I bet I can make it grow! Or at least love to try!
    Very sexy!

  • mj

    apparently you penis is part Gremlin. "Bright light, bright light!"

  • HornyLA

    For Halloween you made your dick disappear

  • paul uk

    omg you poor thing your peen seems to have almost dissapeard

  • BC

    Its a vienna sausage. LOL.

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