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October 31, 2011 - 09:05 PM
Halloween on Guys with iPhones
  • The fucking Doctor <3

  • le_bateleur

    WOO! Doctor Who on GWiP! Rock on!

  • Tom.

    I to my agree JSH great comment. Doctor who is Epic, and your outfit is amazing, its like spot on I love it and by far the best &aposimpersonation&apos of the doctor I have seen. :p although you are using the wrong sonic screw driver if im being picky, but I&aposm not :P we&aposr let it slip. Great costume well done.

  • mikey

    Nice Doctor Who outfit... although I can&apost stand our new Doctor! :-(
    Also, I love JSH&aposs comment! (iPhones are cool!)

  • Paolo

    Hello Sweetie! Can I play with your sonic screwdriver?

  • Mar

    You should be my husband... no, really...

  • anonymoose

    Ok, now I need to pick myself off the floor thanks to you

  • Zac

    Sweet doctor costume!

  • JSH

    I use an iPhone now. iPhones are cool... ;-)

  • Gambit

    So jealous. Nicely done!!!

  • S

    YES! You&aposd only have more cool points if you topped it off with a fez

  • MateoM

    But where&aposs your Fez? Didn&apost you know that Fez&aposs are cool?

  • Andy70

    Bow ties are cool. Long live the Doctor! :)

  • Lazycrockett

    bow ties are cool

  • Michael-H

    Love the costume. Doctor Who&aposs pants seem a teench tight tho. :P

  • Luke Johnson

    That&aposs the best costume ever.

  • vha7777

    love it! you even have the sonic screw driver ;)

  • Leon

    I am loving this one!

  • Brian

    LOVE me some Dr. WHO. Your definitely just as sexy as him if not more!

  • steve

    the doctor

  • RD

    Hello Doctor! Doctor Who!! Love it!

  • G

    Bowties are cool!

  • gary

    the doctor!

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