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Tucker Vaughn - Halloween

October 31, 2011 - 10:05 PM
Tucker Vaughn - Halloween on Guys with iPhones
  • John

    LoL! That's totally Tucker Vaughn! Hottie!

  • whoa

    isn't that Tucker Vaughn?!

  • Jim

    ride me cowboy

  • eric

    Saw him in a porn. Fucking great cock. Show us again!

  • I love hairy men

    Stick&aposem up cowboy. And stick it in

  • T

    Damn;) Hello cow boy!

  • Kenny

    I think I&aposll call you Woody from Toy Story!

  • Markus

    Just call me Ratso, Ratso Rizzo

  • Anonymous

    I know a hot power bottom when i see one! I&aposd fuck the hell out of your brains! You are hot blondie

  • ff

    Your costume would be soo much better and sexier if your hat were bigger, but your increible abs greatly distract anyone ffrom the hat. Man you are gorgeous. Please post again.

  • Nick

    Yippee yippee yi, yippee yo yippee yay!!!

  • B

    Too bad you have all your guns holstered. Well, I&aposm guessing some lucky guy will be helping you shoot tonight. :-)

  • YY

    Hot smooth blond guy :-) Post again with less on.

  • Andy70

    If I had those abs, I would probably be smiling too. :p Happy Halloweenie!

  • Tron

    Wow! Perfection. U can saddle me up anytime.

  • q188r

    save a horse ride a cowboy

  • primebeff

    WOW... Ridem Cowboy.

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