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Levi Crocker

From: The A-List Dallas

November 10, 2011 - 02:20 AM
Levi Crocker on Guys with iPhones
  • Chrpesci

    Like the puppets at the window

  • Kat6900

    I have sucked it and yes he's a little bit out of shape but not bad. It feels good! Thick and he pounded my tight ass nicely

  • Durant Boy

    I have had that in my mouth its thick!

  • Chris-chandler

    Lets see the backside. Thought u were vers 

  • Jc

    The only bebe celeb to post a full nude pic I give props to this sexy man!

  • steve nichols

    love you guy wish you were my frend.

  • Zachdallastx

    Thought he said he was hung lol I&aposve had way bigger!!

  • Gio

    He sure talked himself up but I&aposm not impressed. He could still get it, but he would have to bottom ;-)

  • Matt

    I watch your show. Nice cock.

  • cbl2004

    I love a guy who goes commando. You can just imagine him getting out of his truck to take a piss in a layby, and then catching him and sucking him off.

  • JJ

    OMG! Levi Crocker! Awesome!

  • David

    Very nice curve.

  • AB

    No pics of you in your Inchwear first? Just straight to the full monty! Also, doesn&apost look like you wear any underwear, why do you own an underwear company?

  • Kenzilla777

    Wow u r awesomely hot I luv your cock can I get some hmu

  • Kevin

    Ummmm Levi send more to!!!

  • Joey Milano

    Omg!! Levi is so hot!! Good pic of him!

  • Dallasboi

    Clearly from a long time ago. He has love handles now

  • Anonymous

    Wow you guys really!? Next!!!

  • .ftancis.

    .you look great naked Levi.


    Mmmmm baby you are sexy as fuck

  • Jim

    damn dude u are hot, i wanna suck ur cock until u explode in my mouth and i get to swallow every last creamy drop of u. then bend me over and fuck me for hours

  • London

    He looks good to me. Plus I like his cockiness (pun intended). Some people posting are crazy. Posting like they expect everyone to have a telephone pole between their legs. Most couldn&apost take a pole and the ones that can would be too wrecked to want. Gimme Levi any day with a hat and boots only.

  • K

    insanely hot!

  • Matt

    Unless he&aposs done some major work at the gym, I don&apost think this is Levi...

  • JC

    Simply Irresistible!

  • eddie moore

    very hot love watchin him on logo

  • NineThickInches

    I&aposve seen it hard, he&aposs a grower big time.

  • tom

    Sorry, I can&apost get past his goofy giggle. The whole show wants me to stay outta Texas

  • Brian

    OMG you&aposre hot.. beautiful body and a gorgeous cock!!

  • Roxas

    Yup that Levi I know that vacant look anywhere. I like how he talks a big game with his Inchware bullshit but yet is only packing a six incher. Mine looks a lot better than that. What a huge disappointment.

  • Que cosa tan hermosa pa gozar

  • Sure looks good to me.

  • nilla4me

    are we sure that&aposs levi?

  • Douglas

    Ok so let&aposs see it hard! U talk a good game now back it up!

  • steve

    not as big as his inches underwear line.. I&aposm bigger than that

  • DoMeDude

    Awesomely fuckable and fuckworthy... A fine stud...

  • Matt

    Former rodeo cowboy turned fashion designer! LOL --

    Baby, that cowboy hat sure ain&apost making that little thing get any bigger.

    Hung my ass. LOL

    But thanks for showing the world.

  • dan

    Nice, That is a very hot pic. But Smile next time

  • dan

    Nice, That is a very hot pic. But Smile next time

  • Seve

    He said he was hung.... It&aposs pretty but that is not hung! Lies and deceit!

  • h0t Dallas Man here... don&apost getted fucked dude, there is much better to enjoy. Hot? Naked? Hmmm, a hot meal can become something else. Nice!!!

  • Bobby

    regretably, unattainable

  • Dano


  • enrigayboy

    Woof woof woof

  • primebeff

    Sexy and nice dick too.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice!

  • tim

    you have no idea what you are doing to us who love to see hot men

  • Guynaz

    Ride &aposem cowboy!! Levi you are looking delicious!

  • Anjhel

    Omg I love Levi on A-list Dallas. You&aposre beautiful now I see why Taylor loves u so much

  • Andy

    God ya gotta love that! I wanna go down on that right now! :)

  • Luke

    God damn Levi Crocker I want your cock.

  • George

    omg i want that where you at?

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