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April 30, 2012 - 12:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Marry me babe! I'm serious!!

  • Marry me babe and get shagged like you only dream of! You are the hottest sexiest guy in that beater. I WANT YOU in my bed now!!! I am serious!

  • Adam

    I never get tired of seeing you!

  • Dance_452

    You're the most adorable guy on here! I love your ears :)

  • No doubt I love his ears as well.  Very sexy.

  • Seancodypeek

    Good morning baby, had to check in with your pic this morning, and get me started.

  • JP

    Black looks good on you but I like white because it shows off your nipple. Keep posting.

  • Masculine hands and face - mmmmmmmmmmm.  Love to see you full exposed ;-)

  • Seancodypeek

    Hey Baby, still looking good, and the haircut is nice, and love the little smile... ; )

  • Mike

    You ears are sexy as hell because they're part of what makes you unique, but I have to disagree with Ravanlackean10.  I think your cock is most likely the sexiest thing on you!  We already know the face, the hair all over in the right places, etc. are sexy too.  But the cock, we gotta see to know!  And that smirk -- cocky bastard. ;) 

  • Pythonpr

    Hermoso, hermoso y hermoso.

  • Rvanlaecken10

    your perfect!...and those ears are the hottest thing about you..anytime anyplace man anything you want

  • Jackson Knight

    handsome fella

  • TeaseMe

    I surrender, I just give up. Now the cute smirk on your face is just putting you way over the top! Hairy, hunky and obviously fun. Sure hope all this attention is putting a HUGE smile on your face when you're not posting. Are you up for a lathered shot in that well lit shower behind you? You can stay modest by covering up you man parts with your blue scrub sponge...kinda like a blue ribbon award for HOTTEST guy on Gwip!! Thank you for the lastest posts. You definitely leave ME smiling ~   ;)

  • Zetsuei18

    Ffffffffuck! Tall, hairy, fit, and cute? Almost too much to take in! Keep doin' what you do, man!

  • InShockandAwe

    ... all of your posts have been so sexy ... damn I would love to blow you

  • Shay

    damn u are very sexy I love the fur woof woof

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