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April 30, 2012 - 09:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Its Me

    What a grip!

  • eastlosangelesdude

    Aye Papi.

  • MAJ

    Looks like you've got things under control. But, if you need me to take over stroking that beautiful cock, let me know. I'm free for the next few days.

  • D'bian12


  • Decon Chad Call

    Freaking hot! Nice Cock

  • ulli58

    Great  love to see more :-)

  • Hot and sexy!

  • tonknee


  • bernard jones

    love the way u choking that chicken!!!

  • Love to see more - jerk that monster til he spits!

  • KC

    I want a lick! :)

  • Beachstick

    Why are Latin men so damn sexy!?!

  • Jetblst

    nice tool 

  • Guest

    A great picture would be you shooting your juices out!! Yummy!!!!!!

  • Tmc

    I agree here. How HOT would it be to see your jizz all over your stomache, hand and perfectly shaped mushroom?? Looks like you're just about there so you might as well finish what you started!! (wink) Very sexy, thank you for the pic!!

  • Guest

    Would love to see the O face!!!!

  • Phx Royalty


  • Guest

    You could definitely shove that monster in my ass.

  • Jackson Knight

    nice handful!

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