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November 21, 2012 - 01:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Boston28

    I get you're into fashion and I'm glad you're passionate about it, but I always thought it was bad for the designer/stylist to also double as a model? Why not find some attractive (perhaps masculine) men to model your creations - might help you get a little further in your career. No one person will ever successfully fill the role of designer, stylist, and model...

  • Thanks,

  • Ms2095

    I have just one question... seriously... why?

  • Glasgow1975

    waiting on your trick?

  • Mac61

    out of the change room and into the toilets, some sort of progress i guess?

  • butterface

    Guys. There's nothing wrong with being tenacious. Give it a rest. You don't HAVE to look. Jealousy is as bad as bigotry. Happy Turkey Day.

  • Radiant

    Obnoxious and self absorbed is more like it. And there is
    something wrong with that..  

    I'm certain none of us are jealous of this pathetic nut.

  • Bozolechat

    Man do u look sharp wow weee would i ever love to meet you and have fun hum the possiblility we could have DON'T listent to those who r bitchin here they forget one rule NOT everyone will please everybody and to each his own

  • cubano28

    He is back , i just hope he gotten some help  the way i had request ! 

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