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December 31, 2013 - 07:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • MikeF

    awwwww!!!! don't you want to just kiss this face all over!!!!

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    loves me a man with a beard. Very Handsome bro

  • pierrof

    really cute

  • Swissre

    Impossibly handsome. That little smile makes me weak kneed.

  • Scotsmanonline

    Oh hello........ :0)

  • Beardy

    So handsome

  • irishboy7

    Wow beautiful xxx

  • DB

    wow, what a gorgeous man to look at for New Years Eve!

  • Dicko77

    Just beautiful. Perfect almost. Love to see more pics.

  • NYC7476

    wow -so handsome!!!!!

  • TightBottom199

    I think your scruffy facial hair would feel really good while you're rimming my tight hole to get it ready for a hard, deep pounding. My legs are shaking just thinking about what the rest of you looks like. :)

  • G_mcneish

    Well, Hello handsome!!

  • werebrett

    you're just stunning!

  • Boogs

    You took my breath away! So very HANDSOME!

  • Christian

    What a Beautiful man!!! Now take your shirt off : )

  • TIF

    Hello Babe New Year <3

  • D'bian12

    OMG sooooo cute!!! Delicious.. Plz keep posting you have a fan..

  • Drew in SF CA

    Very handsome.

  • ulli buelt

    I agree

  • TyInTenn

    So sexy...!

  • Brick Cain

    fuck me at midnight and every single minute for the next 69 years

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