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Justin Bieber

July 22, 2014 - 08:05 PM
Justin Bieber on Guys with iPhones
  • OhioBuck2014


  • Jay Dee

    Biebs is on gwip, omg. You're getting so hot, I always tried not to notice because you're a bit young for my 36yo eyes... but I'm going to be noticing now because you obviously don't mind. So yeah. Phwoar.

  • DCTop10

    Hot Treasure Trail **lick**

  • UofCincyguy

    Don't really get into the Biebs, but I am digging the tats. You know there HAS to be some naked pics of him from mirror selfies on that phone after a drunk night. And when they come out they are either gonna knock him down a peg cuz its not all that, or he is gonna wow us all with what he is packin. Either way I am curious a bit now.

  • seriousasshole

    As usual, his vibrating butt plug is charging in the background in case of emergency.

  • i don't care how sexy he is......he is a big attention whore.

  • DaddyBear

    I hear that you have been a really bad boy. Time to take those britches off, and pull those underwear down, and bend over my knees. It is time for discipline my son. It will hurt, but in the end you will be a stronger man.

  • Kase

    Justin show more!!

  • D. A.

    U go Biebs!!!

  • Andy in Dayton

    Is posting pics here part of your community service? :)

  • Ray

    one day minus today ..

  • I would writhe besotted when tied off, sniffing your CKs while lost in auto-erotic ecstasy...

  • dudeboyjohnny

    I think you like being a bad boy just a little too much now of days.... Someone needs to step up and discipline your tight little punk ass. I volunteer! XD

  • EnigmaCC

    What is the interest in this guy?

  • samfla123

    Nice I see Ur working out more keep doing it U getting there.

  • gawker

    Don't get citizen's arrested! Awesome pic.

  • nudebuff

    so damn cute, and such a looser at the same time, what a waste.

  • Yeah, you're right, he's a bigger looser than you... like loose to the tune of 55$m per year... lol.

  • Mikal_Bos

    I do like you in white..CKs that is. ;)~

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