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December 30, 2016 - 11:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Mark Kerzman

    One of the best boners on this site: a fresh face like mine, a fuckstick ready for "the job" like mine, what else can you ask for? Well, if you could come over and fuck the evening mist out of my ass ...

  • La De Da

    I'm almost crying

  • Dolce

    Dude you are soooooo HOT!

  • Amazing body wow

  • MiJockBoy

    Hot guy with a hot cock

  • Allyn Jones

    sexy and smooth

  • aus46277

    Hot and handsome!


    You are so handsome dude. I love your body and that rock hard cock.

  • Aunt Juan

    now that's a boner to be proud of!

  • Rick Berning


  • hbh1

    nice ass hot cock U R Fab

  • Brady Johnson

    Gorgeous....but don't be so look hot so lighten up.

  • GCHQ


  • Daddy Scott

    Ok you twisted my arm, I'll take him - just box him up and I'll take him home!

  • MikeF


  • MarstRN

    Like a Greek sculpture! Beautiful!

  • Very sexy young hard body.

  • steve

    nice youngin' - just let the pubes grow out and you'd be one fine man

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    Nice collage of pics and your cock is Erectus Primarus!!!

  • Andy701

    What a stud.

  • Tony

    fuck yeah

  • D. A.

    One word...........YES!!!!!!

  • SoCal Rules

    Just beautiful.

  • jdr8472

    Yeah, that's real nice. Almost perfect.

  • Swissre

    And Happy New Year to you,you sexy stud.

  • dj651

    WOW Super perfect.

  • ChiPapa


  • Boris

    This guy looks a million time better the HJO...

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