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April 6, 2017 - 08:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Happy man

    Dude. I've admired you for a long time. You are truly stunning. Oh boy, how I would love to meet.

  • Dolce

    Dude I wish you did porn! You would be so rich!

  • Double_Jays

    Swing batta batta batta batta swing!

  • Mark Kerzman

    First, almost a boner, then a somewhat weak fuckstick, and tomorrow? Will we be so fortunate to see your perfectly crested, upstanding boner pointing skyward, even (hopefully) touching your bellybutton, with your hands out of the way, let's say behind your neck. You'll be voted best bonerboy of the week, for sure.

  • Brady Johnson

    Nice body and an even nicer cock!

  • Michael D

    Gotta be at least 9"

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    I would love to watch you suck yourself off...........

  • rayd

    Poor boy. All this time has passed and he still has no pubes ;(

  • KrustyMoi

    Why not just enjoy the view instead of making a stupid comment? If you don't like shaved pubes then don't click on it. It's his body and he likes what he likes. You should a post pic of yourself so we can tell you what you should do to your body...

  • MikeF

    Sheesh....take it easy lady!!!! And you dictating to others what they can and can't write in their comments is ok??? This pic is posted on a PUBLIC site. As such, people who want to write a comment can write whatever the hell they want! Follow your own advice....if you don't like a comment, DON'T READ IT!

  • Michael D

    It's probably that time of the month for him. Let him be just ignore him.

  • EB

    He did have pubes for a while, but now back to the smooth look. Must be a spring thing. All the bearded guys I follow on IG seem to be shaving their beards. Must apply to pubes too!

  • Raymond Deas

    Lol. I just shaved mine (beard) last week! I don't remember ever seeing him with pubes. But omg he's hot!

  • EB

    I just trimmed my beard from "homeless man" to "its aiight". But I have to shave it all off in a couple of weeks before I go snorkeling in Mexico. 😒😕 His pube pics weren't posted on here.

  • javin69

    Clearly, the energy is going into growing other things.

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