Guys With iPhones

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December 31, 2017 - 08:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • IanTD

    Yes! I Want it all ;O

  • Dozer LA

    That's a big chorizo

  • Mikey B

    Thats a 3rd leg

  • Guy

    Big and succulent!

  • Matt_et_Tempe

    Love your uncut full monty Captain America

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    Happy New Year big guy!

  • Duggy

    Massive guy

  • Double_Jays

    Such a crazy huge uncut dick. Love it!

  • Shavedinsf


  • javin69

    Laying it all on the table.

  • Michael Mario

    A twist to the the Captain America theme song."When Capt. America throws his mighty penis..."

  • Battlesightzero1

    Fak, that’s NICE!

  • James West

    Now that is one fine cock. Long, thick and uncut............ Yummy. :)

  • MikeF

    well, apparently there is something else "mighty" about this captain america besides his mighty shield.

  • unclemike

    I have the perfect holster for that delicious weapon.

  • DenverDude

    Whoa, that is some 'prime cut' for sure!

  • NakedTruthTN

    I love looking at you shirtless and seeing your armpits. I just jerked off to your avatar. Thanks for making me cum!

  • Incoming! Man your stations!

  • Brady Johnson

    Damn nice cock!


    Captain America is uncut? Really?

  • SoCal Rules

    Impressive cock. Let’s see the backside too.

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