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June 28, 2020 - 09:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • manworshipper

    So sexy....I want that cock so much!

  • John Kelly Poorman

    Don't stick out that tongue unless you intend to use it, young man. PLEASE!!!! :-)

  • D Junk

    Stud!!! Looking pretty lubed and ready (or just finished)!

  • AlanSouthFL

    Nice cock! I do not like the tattoos!

  • Parrin McCoy

    Cum taster...oh yah!

  • Double_Jays

    Need two volunteers for clean up duty for that load? I'll be one!

  • Fellator Extraordinaire

    May I join?

  • Double_Jays

    Only if you are into swapping. ;)

  • Fellator Extraordinaire


  • Duffy man

    Peace and long life

  • disqus_qhz5yNzyFI

    Freshly squeezed!

  • SoCal Rules

    I volunteer to take care of that for you!

  • Fellator Extraordinaire

    Hot as fuck!

  • chris_bk

    looking good - outstanding full monty with bush view - you cannot post often enough here

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