Guys With iPhones

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November 7, 2020 - 07:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • budy920

    :) !!!

  • Awesome armpit and physique.

  • Such a stunning man!

  • manworshipper

    Yummy, yummy!

  • SoCal Rules

    Nice. Aim lower and repost.

  • Let me work on those nips for ya!

  • seanbaxter

    Nope! They are mine. You have 8 sets of nips and don't share them....Aren't you glad I am back?!

  • I don't know you use to be so nice to me.

  • seanbaxter

    This is nice. You really don't want to be on my bad side, or maybe you's sweet...f4f

  • So you're point is..... You want to be my boyfriend too!!!!

  • seanbaxter

    Mmmm...I think you have enough bf's to last you a while. I'll take Zane McCoy and live happily ever after. Or, is he yours too?

  • Heh Heh Wouldn't you like to know!

  • seanbaxter

    That pit & nips need my attention and I'll work to the VictoryLand!

  • dancinthom

    Dude, I really wanna lick your PIT!

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