Guys With iPhones

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January 9, 2021 - 06:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Hottie.

  • What's long hard and not easy to contain?

  • Andy in Dayton

    Raise your hand if you have a big banana! :)

  • So sexy, and those eyes are amazing!

  • Tom G

    One of my favorite guys and he's hiding his perfect bone!

  • Double_Jays

    Not the peeled banana we were hoping to see but you are a cheeky devil.

  • chris - bk

    daymn - great banana teaser view - missing more bush - post often

  • Nice banana 🍌

  • Crayonap4

    Look at all that beauty.

  • Brady Johnson

    Damn! No need to cover up any of this hot body!

  • SoCal Rules


  • William Bradford

    You can't put the Genie back in the bottle.

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