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February 21, 2021 - 02:15 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Brady Johnson

    Get naked and post again please!

  • Ozzilad

    Howdy podner! Hot pose...would be even hotter without those jeans! Please keep going and show us more!

  • Andy in Dayton

    Yee Haw.....not exactly the "big cowboy hat" we were hoping to see! :)

  • Scott_in_Dayton

    Servin' up Brokeback Mountain realism, sexy.

  • TightBottom199

    Cowboy take me away.

  • SoCal Rules

    Hot. Now do the same pose with just the cowboy hat and boots.

  • Country bro ✌🏻

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    Cowboy Up!

  • seanbaxter

    Is this you?

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    No bit looks like a fellar' around these part's.....saw where a certain tour de Eiffel' messaged blood curdled just a tad...

  • seanbaxter

    Huh? Who? I blocked those two. I have not seen anything? Help a brother out here...

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    You sure you blocked him.....I can see his name right below your's....are you sure he was blocked I can see his comment's on Tobi's GwiP ....

  • seanbaxter

    I can't see anything comments from people I blocked. Don't have a clue what was said. I have no connect with him or Andreas=BLOCKED.

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    I believe ya bud....just wierd how his comment is under your name. As a friend said, 'flip him off! How was your weekend.....we all put birthday balloon's on my mom's grave today and sang 'Happy Birthday....her birthday and Jason's.... Feb 12th are the same....

  • seanbaxter

    Thank you. I don't have time for peoples bullshit here. So glad y'all still celebrate her day. Who is Jason? Take care.

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    Jason is Tobi's brother...

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    Yah, Tobias saw where Laurent left you a comment....I said surely not. Flip him off...

  • seanbaxter


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