Guys With iPhones

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May 4, 2021 - 10:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Brady Johnson

    Nice gun

  • Matt_et_Tempe

    Love your loaded guns and head printing undies tease

  • Mark123

    You can pump me up.

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    Bel Ami model?

  • Sexy!

  • SoCal Rules

    Very nice.

  • yameruss


  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    Sexy and showy....

  • seanbaxter

    Let's see yours!

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    My what....

  • seanbaxter


  • Parrin Clay McCoy


  • seanbaxter

    Everything! Hey Admiral!

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    How is Tuesday...where did Monday go?

    Thought anymore about 'The Cement Pond?

    Talked to Tobi....he told me about him and Zane's weekend.

    How are classe's? Be fun to see what all you do.

    Let's get back to the grind. Love brother out West.🀟 Raining..β›ˆβ›ˆπŸ’§πŸ’§

  • seanbaxter

    Hey buddy! I don't know where the dayz go!
    Always thinking of that TCP! I am glad T & Z have a brother relationship.
    Classes are good, I'll invite to come in and join us if you would!?
    It's beautiful today, 70 and very sunny!
    Love U to my buddy!

  • Parrin Clay McCoy

    Well, it's 9:15 pm our time, 6:15 pm your way...have a good supper, I am eating spaghetti and meatball's heated up in the microwave and two piece's of toast...add a bit of parmesan cheese to it and a side of cheddar cheese....poor boy's supper!

    I alway's clean the living room and my bedroom on Tuesday night' that fun procedure done!

    Enjoy your evening out West......🩳🌝🌊

  • seanbaxter


  • Parrin Clay McCoy


  • TightBottom199

    Seriously overdressed.

  • DelfuS

    We want to see all your bulges in action πŸ˜‰

  • Ken W

    Mmm some nice bulges on show there!

  • disqus_qhz5yNzyFI

    Nice, but not the bulge we are looking for...

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